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SHANXI MIDAS INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.is professional both in design and manufacture various glassware, for example:, Goblet, cup with handles, beer mug, ashtray, candle holder,vase,champagne glass,brandy glass,tumbler,wine decanter,cake plate,glass cup,beer glass,beer bottle,jar,ice-cream glass,essential oil bottle,liquor bottle,automobile glass,glass doors and windows and so on.
There are our own factories. The daily output over 135000. We have advanced production technical and high level, management of quality control system based on fine traditional hard workmanship, so we very have ability to gain orders and keep the quality being steady.
Our products are widely exported to European countries , Middle East , South East Asia , Africa , South American and North American for more than 15 years . We are eager to get your inquiries and establish long term mutual benefit cooperation relationship
We have our advantage in manufacturing and you have your advantages in sales , we are sure with our working together we can get one "win-win" situation .We hope we can grow together !

Address : 28th, Huanqiu Jinrong Zhongxin, Xieyuan Road, Changfeng Business District, Taiyuan , Shanxi, China
Postcode : 030021
TEL 1 : 0086-351-6814886
TEL 2:0086-351-5257621
FAX : 0086-351-8390339
Mobile : 0086-13835148369

Email 1 : info@mds-group.cn
Website : HTTP://www.midasglassware.com